Disclaimer: Tech 2U is an independent technical support provider for many computer and device brands, with no affiliation with the brands serviced. You may be able to receive similar services through the brand owner if your device is under warranty.

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With over a decade in business, we have seen it all. If your computer or mobile device in your home or office needs a computer repair, we can solve it! We offer comprehensive computer repair solutions, same day mobile on-site visits for Sacramento, Roseville, San Diego, and Las Vegas, immediate remote assistance, and convenient shop locations in Sacramento, Roseville, San Diego and Las Vegas to cover all your computer repair needs. Just give us a call and we will get you started on the path to resolution!

Tech 2U specializes in all forms of computer repair. We maintain an A+ RATING with the Better Business Bureau. Outstanding customer care and superior technical skills are our passion. Don’t trust your data, photos, network and even screen repair to just anyone. We are leaders in the computer repair industry and we promise to always hold ourselves to the highest professional standards. At Tech 2U, we pride ourselves in providing the BEST possible computer repair services to our clients. Our computer repair professionals possess the ability to listen to your needs and provide solutions that will meet and exceed your expectations. We work on PC’s, Mac’s, networks, servers, tablets, and even cell phones.

Computer Repair Sacramento, Computer Repair San Diego, and Computer Repair Las VegasWe are a comprehensive computer repair service that provides excellent computer repair both for home and business customers. Our skilled technicians repair all manner of PCs, Macs, desktops, laptops, tablets, cell phones and mobile devices. Tech 2U also designs, builds, and supports Business IT solutions at the enterprise level through both project work and monthly service contracts. Tech 2U also provides remote support services that facilitate the immediate repair of any customer’s computer with online access.

Tech 2U has two operating divisions, which are the Consumer Division for individual customers, and the Business IT Division for enterprise level work. Tech 2U performs mobile repair services and has various shop locations that provide computer repair in Sacramento, California. We also provide computer repair in Las Vegas, Nevada. Most recently, we have opened a shop to provide computer repair in San Diego. Our shop locations serve not only as destinations where you can find new computers for sale and used computers for sale, but also as a place to get services for computer repair, cell phone screen repair, and tablet screen repair. Our shops are also hubs that support field operations throughout the Sacramento, Stockton, Sand Diego, and Las Vegas metropolitan areas and surrounding communities. We maintain a fleet or technicians in each of these cities equipped with company vehicles full of parts and tools to quickly solve your problems.

Computer Repair Sacramento, Computer Repair San Diego, and Computer Repair Las VegasWhat started as an idea envisioned in 2003 by John Worthington and Todd Fiore has turned into the industry leader for tech support and computer repair. Two local Sacramento entrepreneurs who met while attending Sacramento State University; Todd was a Computer Science major, whereas John majored in Business Administration. A few years after they graduated, Todd was working as a network administrator for a large commercial real estate firm, and possessed extensive education and experience in computer technology. John Worthington was a top performing residential real estate agent with a strong background in sales, marketing, and business management. Although both John and Todd were top performers in their respective industries and had a winning track record, they couldn’t individually take on the task of forming and running a comprehensive technology service and repair company. To form Tech 2U they combined forces, and with dedication, hard work, and most importantly – building relationships and trust with its customers and among its team members – Tech 2U has become the number one computer repair company in Sacramento, Las Vegas, and San Diego.

Tech 2U recognizes that strong positive relationships are the key to running a successful business. In the spirit of forging these relationships, Tech 2U strives to be a company that its customers love and will return to time and time again for all their computer needs. Tech 2U creates “Customers for Life” by consistently delivering the best tech support and providing a one-on-one personal experience for each and every customer.

Customer relationships are not the only ones important at Tech 2U. Tech 2U also fosters strong EMPLOYEE relationships by creating a positive, supportive work environment. Tech 2U’s employees are not simply “employees”– they are a team and a family. As such, they support each other and share a passion for both technology and customer service. Tech 2U promotes from within, and wants all of its team members to grow as the company grows. Tech 2U promotes an “open-door” style of management where all employees can feel comfortable in voicing both suggestions and concerns, with the full confidence that their opinions matter. Tech 2U is a rapidly growing company. As its mission statement asserts, Tech 2U will maintain its core values no matter how big it becomes.

 Mission StatementTech 2U will strive to deliver superior technical services from a professional and friendly staff while maintaining our principles of credibility, accountability, and customer service as we grow.

Computer Repair Sacramento, Computer Repair San Diego, and Computer Repair Las VegasAs embodied in its mission statement, the primary goal of Tech 2U is to provide the BEST possible service by certified professionals whose sole mission is to not just satisfy, but DELIGHT customers and EXCEED their computer repair expectations in Sacramento, Roseville, San Diego, and Las Vegas. Beyond providing top notch service, Tech 2U strives for excellence from top to bottom as a computer repair company in Sacramento, Roseville, San Diego, and Las Vegas. This includes constantly striving for efficient business operations, hires the best and brightest technicians, and strives to improve as a company every day at all levels.

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