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Any time you come in to our shop, the conversation and estimate are free! There is never a charge to go over the problem with you, give you an idea of exactly what might be going on and what your options are.

Free Estimates

If you bring it in, the estimate is always free. Often times a full diagnostic would also be free.


If you bring it in and it takes just a few minutes to fix on the counter, it’s typically a flat rate of $49.


The majority of shop services go for a flat rate of $129.


Larger projects, such as data recovery or heavily corrupted operating systems would fall under our extended rate of $169


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We currently have three locations in the Sacramento area, including our Howe Ave headquarters, a location in Roseville, and a location in Gold River. We also have locations serving Las Vegas and San Diego.

We’ve maintained our core principles as we’ve grown. These principles include providing the best customer service and technical expertise available. We offer a number of services, please take a look at the list below.

Computer Hardware & Accessories

Printer not working? Can’t get it to connect wirelessly? Connection dropping out periodically? There are common issues that many people experience. Our technicians can resolve them for you in no time. And while they’re there, why not get a tuneup on that pc. There’s no reason to put with technology not working like it should. Give us a call for a free conversation about your options.
“I push the button and nothing happens!” Scanners can be a source of major problems when they aren’t working like they should. Our techs can get your scanner back to scanning and get you back in business. Give us a call and we’ll send a Tech out to resolve this problem for you right away.
Getting the right quote on a motherboard can mean the difference between being able to repair a computer cost-effectively. Often times other companies will charge insane amounts for these repairs. Tech 2U can offer you the best option to fit your needs. Often times we can source brand new motherboards for far cheaper than the other guys, and there is always the option to go with a certified refurbished motherboard and save your laptop from the scrap pile while getting a bargain. Just give us a call for a free estimate.
Electronics Recycling:
We offer free e-waste recycling for all your e-waste needs. Drop by with your old monitors or broken vcr and we will properly dispose of it in accordance with legal requirements for the dangerous metals and substances inside your old devices.t Text
Screen Repair:
Drop your cell phone or tablet? Maybe a laptop fell off the car? This is a common issue for many people. We always offer free estimates on screen repairs. Bring it in and we will let you know what the options are. These repairs can be surprisingly affordable and surprisingly quick.
“My bird chewed the keys off my laptop!” This story is more common than you might think. Replacing a damaged keyboard is no trouble, and more affordable than you might think. Just bring it by for a free estimate and we’ll have you typing like nothing happened.
Touch Pads:
Cursor jumping around on you? Can’t get the touch pad to move the way you want it? Give us a call for a free estimate. These are no trouble for our seasoned techs. They will do a free checkup on your troubled touch pad and let you know what the options are to get it set right as rain.

Custom Computers & Computer Repairs

Custom Computer Builds:
Our technicians specialize is building custom computers to your specifications. Whether you’re into hardcore gaming or stock trading, we can help you get into the computer that fits your needs. Give us a call for a free consult and our specialists will give you a quote for the perfect computer to fit your needs.
Performance Upgrades:
Running slow? A painless performance upgrade might be just what you need. Often times the easiest way to speed up a computer is to upgrade some of your slower components that might be holding you back. We specialize in giving new life to old computers. Call today and ask a tech about upgrading your RAM or getting an SSD. Your aging computer could easily beat the newest models with a few simple upgrades and some elbow grease. Remember, the conversation is always free.
Data Recovery:
Damaged hard drive? Can’t open that SD card? Don’t sweat it. We offer free consults on data recovery. Bring it by and we’ll have a tech take a look at it and let you know exactly what the options are. We have all of the tools available for data recovery, and if it’s possible to get your data back, we can do it. Our techs specialize in all forms of data recovery from a simple partition recovery to an advanced clean-room hardware repair. We can get your data back, and get you back in business.
Reflows / Red Rings
Red ring of death? No video on an overheating laptop? No sweat. Our techs can perform reflows to repair these issues, no problem. We have reflow specialists standing by to expertly perform these complex repairs at minimal cost. Bring it in or give us a call for a free conversation about the options.
Startup Issues:
Computer won’t turn on? Don’t buy a new one, we can simply repair the problem! Our techs specialize in startup issues. If your computer wont turn on, it’s no call the experts. It’s no trouble for a tech to come out and get that fixed for you. They already have the parts with them in the car!
Need a part soldered but don’t have the time or the skills? No sweat! Our techs can solder that for you in no time flat!

Virus & Malware Removal

These insidious programs try to take control of your computer for their owners’ malicious purposes. They may steal your credit card number or send themselves to all your friends, or worse yet hold you ransom and claim to be the government asking for money. Don’t fall for their lies! Call Tech 2U today and we will get these taken care of for you and get your computer running like the day you got it.
Adware and Spyware:
These obnoxious malware programs watch everything you do and inject ads into your websites or popups. They may report your personal information to malicious third parties. Getting rid of them is no problem for our expert Techs. Often times it takes just a few minutes and you don’t even have to get up from the computer. Give us a call for a free conversation about the options!

Phones, Tablets & Game Consoles

We have a staff of specialists who excel at fixing any problems that might come up with your cell phone; whether it’s a broken screen or its just not running like it used to. Give us a call to speak with a specialist and figure out exactly what the options are to resolve the problem you’re having.
Drop your kindle? Dog chewed up your iPad? No problem. Our Techs can get that set right in no time flat. Just bring it by or give us a call. Tablet screen repairs are one of our many specialties. Check out our “Screen Repair” page for estimates on prices!
Game Consoles:
We offer free estimates on game console repairs. Not reading a disc? Won’t turn on? no problem. Just bring it by and our techs will get it running like the day you bought it.