Driver Updates? Goodbye XP!

Lately, a lot of our customers have been infected with viruses claiming to be driver updates. If you have a similar message popping up, give us a call for a free checkup.

Goodbye XP!

Windows XP has stopped receiving security updates as of April 8th. This means any new viruses and exploits will not be fixed by Microsoft.

Upgrade to Windows 7 with Tech 2U for as low as $69 and keep your computer going until 2020!.

Heartbleed Got You Down?

Heartbleed is a new and serious problem which affects more than 2/3 of the internet. There are imporant steps that need to be taken right away to protect you from experiencing major issues. Give us a call right away for a free conversation about what’s going on and how we can help you.

We Do Tech Support

Concerned, but unsure? Give us a call for a free checkup to take a look at the state of your security. Our technicians can provide a tuneup with any paid service. Just mention this email and we’ll have a technician take a free look for you and let you know where you stand.

Time for an Upgrade!
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