Internet Explorer Is Currently Unsafe Without AVG, Again!

A new vulnerability has been discovered with all versions of Internet Explorer. This vulnerability allows malicious hackers to steal all your usernames, password, and credit card information from any site, even when you type them into your bank’s website or sites like Amazon.
In this example, this vulnerability uses a technique called “Cross-Site-Scripting” to change the code of your bank’s website so that instead of sending your username and password to your bank, it sends it to the hacker.

FREE Fix From Tech 2U!

Tech 2U offers a free fix for this issue for anyone who has purchased AVG from us. Call today for a FREE CHECKUP and our techs will connect remotely to configure your AVG with new abilities to stop this nascent threat and nip it in the bud. They will also give your computer a free vulnerability assessment to make sure everything is running like it should, free of charge.
If you don’t already have AVG from Tech 2U, now is the time to pull the trigger on the best defense you can get. The stakes have never been higher!
The Tech may also recommend additional steps based on your the state of your computer’s defenses.

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