STEM Summer Camps for your Kids Pt. 2

Play Well is another great organization to give your kids the educational and fun summer they deserve. Play Well offers a Star Wars themed summer camp built around LEGOs called Jedi Engineering. The kids get to build different contraptions and robots out of LEGOΒ including R2-D2 and even a working trash compactor featured in Star Wars episode 4. Building LEGOs encourages the kids to problem solve in a unique and creative way that keeps the mind active during the educational slump of summer.

Play Well offers additional courses including:

  • Engineering FUNdamentals which is the core curriculum class
  • Engineering FUNdamentals with Minecraft
  • Girl Powered Engineering FUNdamentals which are classes taught by women for girls who love LEGOs

There are classes for all ages of kids and you can find out more and signup on theΒ Play Well’sΒ site.

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