Calls From "Microsoft" Or "The FBI?" Neither Will Ever Call You!

Calls From “Microsoft” Or “The FBI?”

Neither Will Ever Call You!

There is a scam that’s affecting thousands of people every day. This is how it works: You’ll get a call or popup claiming to be from Microsoft, The FBI, Norton, or other organizations. They’ll claim that they have noticed errors or hackers in your computer and they’ll offer to fix them for a fee.

Who Are These People?

These people are scam artists. They can’t see anything on your computer until you let them in. Once you do, their goal is to steal your money and sensitive information then convince you to give them a large sum of money for doing “work” on your computer.

How Common Is This?

We get calls every day from customers who are being harassed by scammers claiming to be technical experts; more commonly we get calls from customers who have let these scam artists into their computer and had money and information taken by these scammers.

Remember: The only way they can see inside your computer is if you allow them access to it.

What Should I Do?

Hang up and call Tech 2U! If you suspect you have fallen prey to these people, give us a call or swing by for a free check-up. Your information may not be safe if they’ve gotten access to your PC!

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