Goodbye, Windows 7! Can You Believe It's Been 5 Years?

Goodbye, Windows 7!

Can You Believe It’s Been 5 Years?


Windows 7 has finally reached the end of it’s retail phase as of this weekend. If you haven’t already upgraded to the latest version of Windows, now is a great time to talk to a tech about your options.

If you like the way Windows 7 works, we can give you a very similar experience with the modern version of Windows, but with all of today’s security and speed.

Using Something Even Older?

If you are still using something like Windows XP, you are not safe. It has been nearly a year since Microsoft stopped fixing security problems with XP, and numerous major problems have come up since then.

Obsolete operating systems leave you wide-open to everything from identity theft to popups through hacking, viruses, spyware and adware.

Call today for a free checkup and our techs will let you know exactly what your options are.

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