New Exploit Holds Your Data for Ransom

This attack is not a virus, but an “Implant.” This means it works without any files, so NO ANTIVIRUS can stop it. It is especially good at spreading between computers on the same network, so if one computer in a home or business is infected, all of the other Windows computers will also be infected unless they have the new fix. This attack works against all versions of Windows including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and all versions of Windows Server. Any Windows computer which does not have the fix installed is vulnerable to this weapon regardless of any security programs running on the computer.

Hackers added a twist to a ransomware infection and are targeting anyone connected to the internet. This threat is extremely destructive and has taken down banks, hospitals and countless individuals’ PCs by encrypting user’s data making it completely inaccessible and in some cases unrecoverable, unless the ransom is paid.

This weekend, Microsoft released a fix, but this fix does not always happen automatically. In many cases, especially with older versions of Windows, it needs to be installed manually. We can connect remotely to take a free look at your computer and make sure you are not at risk, or we are happy to take a free look if you come into one of our shops.

Take advantage of our free check (there is NO obligation) to make sure your computer is secure from this extensive attack. Our technicians are available to help!

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