Working from home? We can help!

By Dev Team / March 17, 2020

School is suspended, and businesses are asking employees to work from home. For a while, many of us will have to rely on our computers and home networks to access the outside world, and the increased number of people in the home will increase the demands placed on that vital equipment. It needs to be […]

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Why You Should Disable Autofill in Your Password Manager Immediately

By Tech 2U Development / January 2, 2020

Advertisers have found a new way to track you. According to Freedom to Tinker, a few ad networks are now abusing tracking scripts to capture the email addresses that your password manager auto-fills on websites. But it gets worse: they could use that tech to capture your passwords too, if they wanted. This affects everyone using a […]

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Hanford Sand & Gravel Launch New Website by Tech 2U

By Shawntelle Minear / August 20, 2019

While the Tech 2U team is behind the older version of Hanford’s website as well, it’s been several years and a lot has changed since. The web has changed and grown and so has our team. The market isn’t the same and the attention span of the average customer is ever-shrinking.  We took all of […]

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New Exploit Holds Your Data for Ransom

By Tech 2U Development / May 17, 2017

This attack is not a virus, but an “Implant.” This means it works without any files, so NO ANTIVIRUS can stop it. It is especially good at spreading between computers on the same network, so if one computer in a home or business is infected, all of the other Windows computers will also be infected […]

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Budget Gadgets for a Happier Dorm Life

By Tech 2U Development / August 23, 2016

The summer months have come to an end and that means the dorm life is fast approaching. With school living costing more and more it can be hard to stomach all of the technological costs that come with a modern day school living. Luckily Tech 2U is here today to go over this years hottest […]

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Online Services to Help your Student Succeed

By Tech 2U Development / August 23, 2016

With school officially back in session its time to get your family computer ready for the school year. Tech 2U is here today to show you the hottest online services to help your student succeed this school season. One of the hardest parts of returning to the school grind is keeping track of all the […]

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Could the US Election Get Hacked?

By Tech 2U Development / August 15, 2016

The recent Democratic National Committee server hacks, as well as the ever reliance on voting technology has this years election stirring up a storm of grave security concerns. Today Tech 2U is here to weigh in on the role of technology and ask the question, could the US election get hacked? The hacking of the DNC is […]

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Top 5 Ways Your iPhone Makes You Safer

By Tech 2U Development / August 8, 2016

With people walking off cliffs and driving into electric poles while on their phone, its hard to remember that your iPhone is filled with life saving technology. Today Tech 2U is going over the top 5 ways your iPhone makes you safer. Medical ID Wearing a medical band is a great way to convey vital […]

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Get Your PC Ready for Back to School

By Tech 2U Development / August 2, 2016

With the summer months coming to an end, and the kids preparing for the school year, it is often easy to forget about the family PC. With months of summer playing wreaking havoc on the system, you might find your self overwhelmed on how you will keep the system up to snuff to survive the […]

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Avoid Common eBay Scams

By Tech 2U Development / July 25, 2016

Dealing with online transactions can sometimes be scary as you never know if you can trust the seller or buyer. Scams are common place within the digital marketplace and there are telltale signs that you should look for before you buy or sell a product from someone online. EBay is a popular web auction site that commonly has […]

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