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Summer vacation is upon us all and along with the hot weather comes the great family tradition of a road trip. Today Tech2U is going over some the summers hottest road trip tech to give you the safest, and most connected, family vacation this year.

Safety is always the most important thing on a road trip and our first product is sure to prepare you for any emergencies on the road this summer. The Anker Compact Car Jump Starter and Portable Charger is a $70 product that gives you the peace of mind that you’ll always have a backup starter in case the battery in your car dies. The charger can start a 3L vehicle up to 15 times on a single charge. On top of the car starting abilities, the Anker has 2 USB ports to charge any of your devices and even has a flashlight and surge protection. For only $70, the Anker is a steal for all of its features and is a must include in any long road trip.

If the kids have been fighting over the headphone ports lately than the Belkin Rockstar Splitter is here for you. With 5 separate aux ports, you’re kids can all listen to the same device at the same time. Just plug in the main AUX chord into any standard 3.5mm audio jack, and up to 5 other listening devices can be plugged in to listen to the same audio source. The device also allows audio mixing, so two different audio sources plugged in can be mixed together and create awesome combinations! This splitter is great for streaming movies on a tablet, and having all the kids listen in with there headphones without having to blast the Disney movie from the devices speakers. The Belkin Rockstar Splitter goes for $14.99 and comes in 6 different colors.

Belkin Rockstar Splitter

Being on the road means little to no access to the internet, which also means you wont have any access to your cloud storage. Seagate has addressed this problem by introducing Seagate Wireless Plus Mobile Storage. The portable hard drive has built in Wi-Fi to enable wireless transfer of data to and from up to 7 users at once. The hub can even stream HD video through the connection to 3 devices simultaneously so you’re kids can all be Seagate Mobile Hard drivewatching different movies at the same time. With 10 hours of battery life, Seagate Wireless Plus Mobile Storage is the perfect storage solution for those long trips without any internet. The hub can be purchased for $80 for the 500 GB version, and $180 for the 2 TB version.


All of these mobile devices playing movies and games are sure to make a racket in the back seat. Luckily, LilGadgets Untangled Pro Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are the perfect headphones for the kids in your life. Bluetooth is built into the headphones eliminating any chords that are sure to get
tangled up, but LilGadgets includes an extra AUX chord that will plug in in-case the headphones run out of batteries. The headphones feature advanced sound cancelling and volume limiting so the kids can still hear the movies on the plane, but it wont be loud enough to damage there sensitive ears. LilGadgets Untangled Pro also feature the new share port technology, giving the headphones the ability to “share” the sound that is coming to them, so two headphones can listen to the same device simultaneously. The Untangled Pro go for a conservative $49.

Lil gadgets Untangled Pro


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Video Transcription:

Speaker 1: So gadgets that you must have in your car. Our buddy, Ryan Elbert from Tech To You, in the building. Ryan, let’s get on it.

Ryan: All right. So let’s say you’re going on a road trip, and you’re driving along, and you left the lights on in the car or whatever, and the battery is dead. Forget it. Just go home, or you can get one of these. This is called the Anchor. The cool thing about this is it’s a jump starter kit for your car. It’s only 70 bucks. It’s also got a couple of USB ports, so you can use it to charge your phones or gadgets while you’re on the road.

Speaker 1: I love it.

Ryan: But jumpstarting your car, who carries jumper cables these days?

Speaker 1: Exactly.

Ryan: So you got to be in Walmart parking lot and begging people for help? No.

Speaker 1: We’re not doing that.

Ryan: Don’t do that. Just get one of these.

Speaker 1: You’re taken care of.

Ryan: It’s got this little kit, so you can just put it right in your glove box.

Speaker 1: I love it. Nice and compact. So we’ve got about a minute-thirty. What else you got?

Ryan: Okay. So we’re talking about the kids. So this is a great charger. There’s four ports on this.

Speaker 1: Love it.

Ryan: You can have two in the front. It’s got a little extension cable, so you can clip it on the back seat pocket and have the kids have a charger. This is called a splitter or this is a splitter. These are both by Belkin in the Rockstar Series. This is only $13, but it’s got five ports for headphones, and this is only $24.

Speaker 1: So everybody can get charged and everybody can get their headphones in?

Ryan: Yes.

Speaker 1: I love it.

Ryan: We’ll get to this one last. This next one is called the Little Gadget. These are $49, but these are so cool. They’re super soft Bluetooth headphones for the kids.

Speaker 1: That’s nice.

Ryan: And the best part is you don’t have to listen to them listening to their Disney shows all the time. You can just turn. And one of the cool parts about this is it’s got a safety protection for the kids so they can’t turn up the volume too loud. It’s [inaudible 00:01:28] so that way the loudest they can get is still going to be safe.

Speaker 1: So they can still hear?

Ryan: Yes.

Speaker 1: Then we got to keep their hearing intact. So we’re final?

Ryan: This is also called the Anchor. This is the power port 5. You have five power ports, USB power ports. You can charge an Ipad, an Iphone 6, all kinds of stuff on this.

Speaker 1: Okay, I need that.

Ryan: This is only 20 bucks.

Speaker 1: Okay, that’s good.

Ryan: You get that on Amazon. That’s a power port 5.

Speaker 1: Ryan you did, c’mon give me five for that. So Tech to You, Ryan Elders. We love it when he’s in the building, and people can check you out on your website.

Ryan: Yeah. Just go to

Speaker 1: Love it. Okay. We’ll be back. Stay with us.

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