Is it Time to Upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 10 has been making headlines for over a year now. With its first ever free upgrade, and forcing it upon its users, Windows 10 has truly been a special operating system so far. Over 300 million people, voluntary or not, have taken the plunge with Microsoft flagship OS, but some people are still holding out to the bitter end. But what about you? Today Tech2U is here to help you decide if it is time to upgrade to Windows 10.

If you still haven’t decided to do the free upgrade then now is the time to seriously consider it. Windows is pulling the free upgrade on July 29th! That means that after July 29th, the Windows 10 upgrade will not be free, and will cost $119 for the home version. So if you were on the fence before, its time to pick a side or your wallet might be a little lighter next month.

Upgrade to Windows 10A lot of people are worried about the inconvenience that comes with changing your operating system. These concerns are usually rooted in truth, but with Windows 10, the transition is extremely seamless. Users will instantly recognize most of the operating system features, and Windows 10 looks a lot more like Windows 7, than Windows 8 did. The start menu has returned, and all of your settings and control panel features are in the usual places you would find them. If anything cant be immediately found, the global search bar is there to help and will find just about anything you can want on your system, including settings menus.

Windows 10 also boasts updated security protocols and better protection against malware, making it the most secure Windows OS yet. All of your programs that you had before will work with the new system as its been long enough that developers have fixed any incompatibility issues.

Although Windows 10 is a must upgrade for most people, there are some cases where it would not be beneficial to do the free upgrade. If you are using really old hardware, the new OS might be too demanding to keep the experience smooth. Windows 10 is very optimized, but it still requires semi-new hardware to run flawlessly. Another reason why the upgrade might not be for you is if you have any specialized or legacy programs that you need that only work on older hardware and operating systems.

It is clear to us that the Windows 10 upgrade is worth it in almost all cases. Microsoft is pushing it hard, and will slowly end support for the other Windows operating systems in lieu of the new flagship, and best of all, the upgrade is free! We recommend that you back up all of your data, and give yourself plenty of time to do the full upgrade.




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Video Transcription:

Interviewer: Windows 10 has been around for a year now and more than 300 million users are holding out, Mike Wisby is here from Tech2U to help us all to decide if it’s time to upgrade to Windows 10. So, let me ask you this, is there any viewer or any other some of the people who have gone to Windows 10 should look for an upgrade or where are we in all this?

Mike: If you’ve already got Windows 10, then you’re good.

Interviewer: Then you’re good, okay.

Mike: Yeah, They’re going to support that all the way through 2020.

Interviewer: All right.

Mike: They may have something…I’ve heard a little rumor that they’re just going to keep it as Windows 10 and just keep updating it.

Interviewer: Okay.

Mike: So, we’re good. The time is running out now. If you have Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can get a free upgrade…

Interviewer: Really?

Mike: …to Windows 10, but only until July 29. And then they’re going to start charging around $119 for the normal home version, and it’s going to go up to almost $200 for the Pro version.

Interviewer: So, it’s free now?
Mike: It’s free now. And that’s the main thing. If you have a Pro version of Windows 7 or 8, they will upgrade you to the Pro version of Windows 10.

Interviewer: How has it been going for the last year with Windows 10?

Mike: So far they’ve actually been getting a good feedback about customer satisfaction for Windows 10…

Interviewer: Yeah, good.

Mike: …which is good, compared to Windows 8 which was a little bit of a…I don’t know you remember that,,but people were really shocked by the big changes that it had. But Windows 10 is more of a step in the direction of Windows 7, and a bit more familiar. So, it’s more like Windows XP and Windows 7 mixed together. And it’s getting good feedback generally.

Interviewer: What’s generally the inconvenience with switching to a new system?

Interviewer: When you switch to a new system now, it’s an operating system so it controls everything. You really have to allow for time to re-setup your printers. And if you have like passwords saved in browsers and things like that, you’re going to have to remember the passwords. You’re going to have to log back in to everything once you have upgraded it. And you may have actually some specific programs accustomed to your need that may not work with Windows 10. So, you really need to investigate that, check with the developers, and that sort of thing. Like in news stations, perhaps you may have a particular system that does something, like weather or something like that. If you’ve got Windows 10, it could break it. So, you really want to make sure that you don’t do that

Interviewer: I don’t know if we would ever change anything up here at all. Everything’s working so well. So, what about people who should not go to Windows 10?

Mike: So, if you have an old PC that can’t handle pretty much anything modern, stick with what you got?

Interviewer: Is that like going back to Windows 2, or Windows, Windows?

Mike: Or Windows 3 or Windows 98.

Interviewer: Yeah, yeah/

Mike: I remember Windows 98, going back.

Interviewer: Yeah

Mike: No, Windows XP, if you’re running Windows XP right now, there may still be a reason you still are. Your computer isn’t able to handle a modern version. So, just hold it out, wait it out and get a new machine… perhaps which will come with Windows 10. And also, you will have to pay anyway if you don’t have Windows 7 or 8, you do have to pay for Windows 10.

Interviewer: Okay Any tips for folks who may want to upgrade to Windows 10 before the end of July free?

Mike: Yes, so make sure that you back up everything before you do it, because it’s pretty seamless. They make it very easy. But you just never know. You really do want to make sure you have everything packed up. Allow the time. Again, don’t think you can do it real quickly. Allow the time to change everything over.

Interviewer: Okay. You have an app of the week for us?

Mike: Yes, I do. It’s QuizUp. And QuizUp is a multiplayer quiz game you do online on the phone, and you can play strangers, or you can play friends. The game’s about a minute long and it’s 150,000 different questions.

Interviewer: Wow.

Mike: So, challenge that brain.

Interviewer: So, since we have you here and you are from England, what do you think of the exiting the EU?

Mike: It came as quite a shock, actually.

Interviewer: Yeah, really?

Mike: Yeah, it’s a bit of a shock. I don’t think anyone, even the people who voted to leave, I don’t think really understood the ramifications of it.

Interviewer: That’s kind of the strange end to that. You vote to leave the EU and then you go, “Oh, I didn’t realize we’re going to go through all of this hardship. Can I change my vote?” And they’re like…

Mike: Exactly

Interviewer: …”No, you can’t.”

Mike: That’s democracy for you.
Interviewer: It really is. Mike Wisby from Tech2U, and Great Britain. Thank you for….

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