STEM Summer Camps Pt. 5 – Camp EdMo

What better time of year to play with rockets, slime, and other fun stuff than the summer! Continuing on with our STEM Summer Camps series for your kids, we have Camp EdMo.

Camp EdMo offers something for every child and have classes that include dinosaurs, animation, space, Minecraft and even coding and film. Other courses include a Spy Maker class which teaches the kids the art of espionage as they get to do forensics and even a security obstacle course! Not only does Camp EdMo teach your child valuable tech skills, but the programs integrate real world lessons such as:

  • Communicating effectively with a team
  • Problem solving and awareness
  • Respect for your environment

Their curriculum incorporates Social Emotional Learning, or SEL. This challenges the kids in unique ways with group challenges that force kids to communicate feelings and problems with a group. They are also given open ended challenges that encourage creative problem solving and an experimental approach that teaches them how to fail, and more importantly, how to overcome those failures. Along side this the program fosters good eco-consciousness including:

  • Recycling old materials to use in new projects
  • Cleaning up mock environmental spills
  • Make films advocating envrionmental consciousness

To learn more about Camp EdMo, visit there website atΒ, click on “Summer Programs” Β and browse by age group and location.

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