Break Bad Tech Habits

Bad habits can spring up in any aspect of your life and although most people think spending time on your devices is a harmless activity, there can be loads of negative side effects associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Luckily Tech2U is here today to go over some of the most common bad habits when it comes to tech, and of course, how to break them.

Sitting all day on your computer can be awful for your body. Bad posture can lead to a variety of pain problems including body aches, body pain, joint pain, neck pain, and even worse posture! Also, don’t be fooled by the action and excitement video games give you, there is no substitute for an active lifestyle and sitting on the computer all day can lead to weight gain. One of the best things you can do if you are forced to be on the computer all day, is to take frequent breaks. Stand Up Work Break Timer is a great free application that sets alarms for you to get you up and at em. Even a 5 minute break of walking around the office can have tremendous benefits on your body and morale, and gets the blood flowing to better help you do great work. OSHA also has a Computer Workstation Checklist that will help you create the healthiest computer based working environment.

Staring at a bright screen when the hours are getting late can make it super hard to fall asleep at night. Your brain associates different colors with times of the day, so if you are constantly seeing bright white colors on your screen, your brain will have a much harder time falling asleep because it will think it is in the middle of the day. If you are like me and are on your computer or phone right before bed, than flux is the app for you. Flux is a free application that will start to subtly change the colors your screen displays as the night goes on. By changing the color scheme slightly, your brain will feel “sleepy” and will make the transition from zoned in device usage to counting sheep much easier.

The cleanliness of your laptop is something most people are not very concerned about. However, keyboards can hold as much as 60 times more germs and bacteria than your average public toilet seat! Now, don’t reach for those Clorox wipes right away! General household cleaners are too harsh for your delicate hardware. We recommend Wireless WipesWireless Wipes come in tons of awesome scents and work great at cleaning any of your delicate technology. For more cleaning tips, check out some of our past blogs where we go into tech cleaning in detail!

App of the Week:

QuizUp is a great social trivia game for your iPhone! With over 250 quizzes and 150,000 questions, QuizUp is always challenging you in a new way. The app is free and you can even play against other people around the world and even challenge your own friends!

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