Tech to Keep you Safe on the Road

Tens of thousands of people die each year from motor vehicle accidents. This can range from distracted driving to drunk driving and never ends pretty. Today Tech2U is here to go over some tech to keep you safe on the road, and help keep your family safe from these distractions and problems.

Driving while distracted makes you 23 times more likely to crash yet over a third of people continue to do things such as texting while driving. Cellcontrol Drive ID is a cool gadget that attaches to the windshield of your car. Whenever the car is in motion, it will disable a customizable list of features on your phone, such as texting, calling, etc. Cellcontrol Drive ID also is smart enough to sense if your phone is being held by a passenger and will not disable any features if that is the case. Automatic messages are also sent in reply to any text messages you get while driving that tells the sender you are driving and can’t respond. The device is powered by solar and is always working allowing you to seamlessly transition from being able to use your phone to driving without having to press any buttons. Cellcontrol Drive ID is $129 and does not need a monthly subscription.

The Canary Project is a great app for your teen that just got the responsibility of driving. The app will send you alerts if your teen is using there phone in any way while driving. If they have Android, you can get alerts when they text, tweet, or talk while driving. Unfortunately, iOS doesn’t have this capability and is limited to just sending alerts when your teen unlocks the phone while driving. The Canary Project also allows users to set maximum speed limits, area perimeters, and GPS of the car at all times. The app is free for both Android and iOS.

Driving under the influence is both scary and irresponsible. Luckily BACtrack Mobile Pro Smartphone Breathalyzer is here to help. The device will attach to your phone and run an app. The device will read your BAC through your breath and even give you an estimate on when your BAC will reach 0.0%. BACtrack Mobile Pro Smartphone Breathalyzer uses police grade technology and is far more accurate than other smartphone breathalyzers. Even though the app will give you accurate results, caution should always be taken and you should always call a cab if you feel too impaired to drive.

Automatic is a great do it all app that can both help you stay focused on the road, and help in the event of an accident. The tool plugs into your car’s diagnostics port and communicates to an app on your phone. Automatic can alert local authorities and loved ones if the accident is serious and will even have a real person call you to make sure things are okay. The app also gives you diagnostic information about your car and can decode any engine light problems as well. Just when you thought it couldn’t do more, Automatic delivers by giving you a do not disturb function which disables the keyboard and turns off texts and phone alerts on android devices when the car is in motion. Automatic goes for $99.95.

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