Why We Use Webroot Antivirus

Fairly recently, Tech 2U switched from using AVG to Webroot for our anti-virus program.  We keep an eye on all anti-virus software, and when new contenders take over the #1 spot, we switch to that program in order to always use the best.  In our opinion, Webroot currently beats out all of the other Anti-virus programs.  But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at PC Mag’s assessment.

Webroot is able to detect and remove around 90 to 95% of virus infections.  This is higher than any other program available on the market.  Another advantage of Webroot is that it is web based, and takes advantage of the cloud.  This means it requires far less resources to run Webroot on your computer than traditional antivirus programs.  Because of this, it runs quicker and smoother than the competition. Being web based also means Webroot’s definitions are always up to date, because it syncs with core definition library updates.

One last reason we choose Webroot is that once we have it setup on your computer, we will be notified if any Malware gets installed on your machine.  At this point, one of our technicians will contact you, and setup an appointment to remove the virus.

We want to ensure your computer is clean and running at its best at all times.  If you would like more information, give us a call at 888-931-0942.


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