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Laptop Computer Repairs In Roseville

Laptop / Tablet combos such as Microsoft’s Surface Pro have been gaining popularity. While we do service these combos, we haven’t lost sight of “good old fashioned” laptops. Laptops are still great, and sometimes your money is better spent on sheer power an performance than having touch screen and other combo features. It just depends on what you need.

With either setup, a lot of damage can occur with something so portable. It’s easy to drop your laptop, spill your coffee on it, accidentally bash it into a door frame, and so on. If the screen gets cracked, the mouse-pad only works on one side, a key popped out of the keyboard, or any other laptop issue, Tech 2u can help.

We have three ways to offer our services to you in the greater Roseville area:

  • 1

    Remote Support

    If you have a working internet connection, Tech 2U can solve many laptop problems remotely. Give us a call at 916-678-5350 and one of our remote technicians will walk you through connecting your computer with theirs. At this point, our technician will have control of your computer, and can fix it, it’s as easy as that!

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    Mobile Service

    We are also more than happy to come out to you. We have a fleet of fully equipped computer repair service vehicles, and friendly technicians ready to drive them. Give us a call at 916-678-5350 to set up an appointment in your Roseville area home or business!

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    Shop Service

    If you’d like to bring your laptop into us here in Roseville, we’d be happy to take a look at it and walk you through the next steps. Our address is 1701 Santa Clara Dr, Suite 110, hope to see you soon!

Please note, if you bring it into our Roseville shop we’d be happy to run a diagnostic on your laptop and give you an estimate free of charge.

We service all the major PC laptop brands:

  • Lenovo
  • Sony
  • Dell
  • Compaq
  • Samsung