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Mac Software Troubleshooting In Roseville

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Mac Software Troubleshooting In RosevilleUnfortunately, computer viruses are here to stay. As anti-virus software becomes more sophisticated, virus developers find clever new ways to bypass protective software. Some viruses are so advanced that they embed themselves in a way that hides them from detection, and they may not be found by your anti-virus software for weeks, or even months. Needless to say, by then, a good amount of damage could be done to your data.

Luckily, Tech 2U removes viruses every day in the greater Rosevillearea. We’ve been the #1 computer repair company in the area for over a decade. If you think you might have a virus on your computer, you’ve come to the right place.

For most virus removals, we can perform them remotely, as long as your computer is able to connect to the internet. The way this works is we connect to your computer, take it over, and remove the virus. After removing the virus, we’d be happy to install the best preventative and protective software on the market installed as well. You can learn more about our remote support by clicking here.

Another option is to bring your computer into our Roseville shop. Here, we can run a diagnostic for free. If a virus is detected, or we find a different problem with your computer, we can then repair it in shop. We are located next to a Golden 1 Credit Union, at 1701 Santa Clara Dr, Suite 110.

If you would rather we came out to you, we can do that as well. We have a fleet of fully equipped service vehicles. Give us a call at 916-678-5350 to schedule an appointment. We’re here to help!

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