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Custom Gaming Computers In San Diego

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Custom Gaming Computers In San DiegoIf you’re shopping for custom gaming computers in San Diego, Tech 2U can help. Are you hoping to run all of today’s most advanced games with a smooth frame rate and all of the effects turned to maximum? Or maybe you’re just hoping to upgrade your computer to the point where it can play something like Star Craft II without any hiccups. Either way, Tech 2U can help you build the best machine for your money.

We have over 10 years of experience building custom gaming machines for our customers, and many of us are avid gamers ourselves. We know how to get most power out of every dollar, and would be happy to build a computer fit your exact needs.

So come on by our San Diego area shop, located at 6169 Lake Murray Blvd, in La Mesa and we’ll get started. You can also give us a call at 619-345-8324.

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