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Hard Drive Repairs In San DeigoUnfortunately, hard drive failures occur more often than you might think. Often, there are warning signs your hard drive is on its way out. There are a number of sounds it might make, including beeping noises, clicks, or grinding sounds. Other times it will fail without any warning at all.

A number of things can cause a hard drive to fail. If a hard drive is exposed to a strong magnetic field, malware, moisture, or extreme temperatures, any of these¬†can cause a failure. The most common cause is when the hard drive’s head physically crashes into the store data.

If a hard drive fails within the first year, it is likely do to a defect that occurred in while manufacturing it in the factory. If it makes it out of that first year, it can last for many years. But at the three year mark, the failure rate percentage increases drastically.

If you’re in the greater San Diego area and have a computer with a failed hard drive, or one that you think might be on its way out, Tech 2U can help. We can fix or upgrade your hard drive, and make sure you keep all of your data. We’re the #1 computer repair company in San Diego and its surrounding cities. Give us a call at 619-345-8324 to schedule an appointment, and we can come out to you. If you’d rather bring in your computer to our La Mesa shop and have us look at it here, we are located at 6169 Lake Murray Blvd. Either way, we hope to hear from you soon.

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