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Rootkit Removals In San Diego

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Rootkit Removals In San DiegoIf you’re in the San Diego area and battling malware that seems tougher to remove than usual, there’s a good chance your computer has a malicious rootkit installed on it. Tech 2U has a shop located in La Mesa, and we service the greater San Diego area. When it comes to rootkits and other tricky malicious software, we have the tools and the knowledge to get rid of it.

Rootkits aren’t necessarily malicous in nature. There are legitimate rootkits written to operate with administrator privileges and be able to manage and overwrite programs with lesser privileges. When malicious rootkits are written, they are designed to take advantage of these administrator privileges. That’s what make them so difficult to detect and remove.

So for rootkit removal, give our La Mesa shop a call at 619-345-8324 and we can schedule an appointment to come to you. We also offer remote support, where we clean your computer by connecting with it online and taking it over. Another option is to visit our La Mesa shop and bring your computer in, our address is 6169 Lake Murray Blvd. We look forward to hearing from you.

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