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Laptop Computer Repairs In San Diego

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Laptop Computer Repairs In San Diego

Tech 2U is the go to company for laptop computer repairs in San Diego. Even though tablets and tablet / laptop combos are becoming more popular, sometimes there’s just no substitute for a good old fashioned laptop. They are sturdy, powerful, and portable. Laptops can be great for work, entertainment on trips, you name it.

But with the portability comes the increased likelihood that the laptop will be dropped, have liquid spilled on it, or be damaged in some other way.  If the mouse pad suddenly stops working, the power jack goes faulty, or if you’re just looking for a RAM upgrade, Tech 2U can help. There are a number of ways we can meet your laptop needs.

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    Remote Support

    For starters, so long as your internet connection is working and the issue applies, we offer remote support. If you call our San Diego area shop at 619-345-8324 , or any one of phone numbers really, we can walk you through connecting with one of our friendly and knowledgeable technicians. Once our technician is connected to your laptop computer, they will take it over, and be able to use their mouse and keyboard on it. From there, they can fix your laptop right up!
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    Mobile Service

    If you would rather us come to you, we’d be happy to oblige. We offer mobile service, and our technicians will show up at your house or business with a fully equipped service vehicle. To schedule an appointment in the greater San Diego area, please give us a call at 619-345-8324.

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    Shop Service

    If you happen to be near our La Mesa shop, you can also drop by with your laptop and talk with us while we diagnose your laptop. We are located at 6169 Lake Murray Blvd, La Mesa, CA 91942.