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Computer Tuneups In RosevilleA new computer can feel fast as lightning when we first get our hands on it. Programs open almost instantly. Work feels like it gets done more efficiently. Games play smoother and look better than they did on older hardware. But over time, this gradually fades away. You start to notice the machine taking longer to boot up. Files take longer to make or save. Games stutter a little more often. There are a lot of possible explanations. You might have an excess in start-up processes. You could be running low on system memory. Maybe you need to defrag your hard drive. Perhaps a clean reinstall of the operating system is in order. Or it could be something worse, but it may be difficult to discover what without serious help. Whatever the case may be, you can rely on Tech 2U for computer tuneups in Fair Oaks!

Tech 2U has been providing computer repairs and maintenance for over a decade. We’ve earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau thanks to excellent customer service, and our ability to get computers back up to speed!

Computers can slow down for software and hardware related reasons. Malware can affect a computer through software corruption, but sometimes the cause isn’t malicious at all. It could be a case of old drivers in need up updates, or too many programs running at once. As a computer ages, the hardware will inevitably experience wear and tear through use. You could be witnessing the early signs of hard drive failure when a computer is slow to perform any task. Click here to learn more about this service.

If you’re looking for computer tuneups in Fair Oaks, you can visit our local repair shop at 12417 Fair Oaks Blvd, Suite 350. No appointments are necessary, and the diagnosis and work estimate are free of charge! The Fair Oaks shop is staffed by friendly professionals who can get to the bottom of your computer issues. If the hardware is the problem, we can order the replacement parts you need, and get them properly installed.

We also provide remote support over the internet! Some computer slow down is software related, which can range from driver conflicts to nasty malware. Call the Fair Oaks shop at 916-481-8324, and we can help you set up a remote support session with one of our remote techs. They’ll take over your machine and check to see if there’s a softwate issue at the cause of your slow down.

If you can’t bring the machine to us, and remote support isn’t an option, we can send a tech to you! Calling 916-481-8324 will let our staff help you set up an appointment with one of our mobile service technicians. They can show up at your home or business, at a time convenient to you. They’ll be able to trouble shoot your computers, and explain what types of maintenance they need!

You aren’t stuck with a machine that is slowing down. You can rely on Tech 2U for computer tuneups in Fair Oaks!

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