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Hard Drive Repairs In Roseville
While the solid state drive is slowly filling in the storage needs of computers, the spinning platter drives are still commonplace. With moving parts constantly subject to use, these drives eventually begin to slow down. The disc itself could suffer damage over time. Moving a desktop or laptop while the drives are spinning can scratch the disc, rendering portions of data unreadable. Failing platter drives can start ‘clicking’, or making a high-pitched whining sound. However, all isn’t necessarily lost if you’re experiencing these symptoms! Tech 2U can perform hard drive repairs in Fair Oaks at our local shop.

For over ten years, Tech 2U has been performing computer maintenance and repair. We’ve earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau through hard work, and a wide variety of services. Hard drive repair, replacement, and data recovery are part of those services. Our shop, located at 12417 Fair Oaks Blvd, suite 350. You can also call our store at 916-481-8324. No appointments are necessary for any shop visit!

When our shop technicians look at a problematic hard drive, the initial diagnosis is free as they try to determine the issue. It could be that the motors that spin the disc failed after a power outage. A bad connection to your power supply could be causing issues. The logic board of disk drive could also have failed. Whatever the case may be, our team will determine the issue.

The unfortunate reality is that sometimes a drive is too far gone to properly repair, but that doesn’t mean the data is lost. We also offer a data recovery service that consists of multiple levels of work. If the data can be read and recovered at the shop level, our Fair Oaks team can handle it. However, if that’s not possible, we can ship the drive to data recovery specialists who have access to additional tools and methods. They can back up data on an older drive to a replacement before sending it back.

A hard drive on the way out can be a shocking experience for a home computer user or an office. Years of work can suddenly be inaccessible… but not lost! Let the pros at Tech 2U handle your hard drive repairs in Fair Oaks! We’ll do what we can to restore your hard drive, replace it if needed, and recover your data!

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