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Ram Repairs & Upgrades In RosevilleThe more memory you have for your computer, the better. Having more RAM means you can have more programs open at once, or can run more demanding programs. Not having enough means that you will run into a lack of memory sooner. You’ll experience slowdown, and can even crash the entire computer! A lack of memory affects work and entertainment. High resolution video files require more memory to run smoothly. For people browsing dozens of tabs on their preferred browser, more memory means smoother switching between tabs, and a faster internet experience overall.

As computers get older, they start to slow down as the OS gets bogged down with errors, or as other physical parts of the machine show wear over the years. Sometimes, a crash can be explained as a program error, or even a failing hard drive. However, it could also be your ram. If you’re looking for ram repairs and upgrades in Fair Oaks, you can rely on Tech 2U!

Here at Tech 2U, we’ve seen plenty of hardware issues over the last decade. We’re the name to trust for ram repairs and upgrades in Fair Oaks! It can be very difficult to diagnose certain problems with a computer, and bad ram is one of them. You could spend hours trying to troubleshoot the problem. Hours backing up data, reinstalling programs and even the OS itself, only to find that you’re still experiencing problems. Even a memory test can turn up nothing.

The team at Tech 2U has seen it all. When you bring a computer to our shops, you’re getting customer service rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. You’re getting experienced and knowledgeable professionals who know how to handle your PC. If you bring your computer to our shop at 12417 Fair Oaks Blvd, suite 350, we’re able to provide a free diagnosis of the machine. If the RAM needs to be replaced, we can order what you need to get back up and running. We’ll even install it for you!

If you can’t make it to our shop, or you prefer service at home or office, Tech 2U can help! Call us at 916-481-8324, and we can schedule a mobile technician to drive out to you! They can set up a proper memory test to diagnose the machine on the spot. They can also take the machine from you and deliver it to our repair shop!

If your computer is running too slow when multiple programs are open, or you’re experiencing random crashes of the OS, you could be dealing with bad memory. Tech 2U can handle your ram repairs and upgrades in Fair Oaks, and anything else your computers need!

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