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Power Supply Repairs In Fair Oaks

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Power Supply Repairs In Roseville Without a power supply, your desktop computer is ultimately a paperweight. Whether you’re dealing with a pre-built machine, or a custom PC, power supply units must meet specific requirements. A failing PSU may not be able to provide the power your PC needs, with serious consequences. You can overheat a computer if the cooling fans aren’t getting enough power to move air through your case. Precision components are expecting a certain amount of power to go through them, and if isn’t provided properly you could lose a graphics card, or the motherboard and everything connected to it! You do NOT want to sit on an ailing power supply for long. If you’re looking for power supply repairs in Fair Oaks, or a complete replacement, you can trust Tech 2U!

For over a decade, Tech 2U has been handling computer repairs and maintenance for clients in California and Nevada. We can do power supply repairs in Fair Oaks, as well as any other major component repairs and replacements! Just bring your machine to our local shop at 12417 Fair Oaks Blvd, Suite 350. No appointments necessary, we can check your machine in and perform a free diagnostic of the computer.

A proper diagnostic is important, because it could reveal other issues with your system. Your power supply may be the cause of many problems, but other components could be at fault, or may have been damaged by the PSU. If the worst has happened, and your PC needs multiple parts replaced, Tech 2U can order what you need, and even help you install it. We also offer data back up service, to pull your important information off the hard drives of your machine.

If you can’t reach our shop, you can always call us directly at 916-481-8324. We can schedule you an appointment with one of our mobile technicians. They can arrive at your home, or business, to diagnose your machine on site. If your computers need to be taken to a repair shop, they can deliver it for you, and return the machine after repairs are complete.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that a failing PSU can take your whole computer with it. Call the pros at Tech 2U for power supply repairs in Fair Oaks, and keep your computer running smoothly!

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