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Blu-Ray, DVD, and CD Drive Repairs In Rocklin

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Blu-Ray, DVD, & CD Drive RepairsWith increased internet speeds and data storage options, optical drives are being phased for computer desktops and laptops. Pre-built PC brands and Apple computers are arriving on shelves without optical drives. External Blu-Ray/DVD/CD drives are available for people with legacy software discs. But the world is moving towards digital distribution, and that means those old optical drives are going to be left behind. That might make it seem difficult to find tech support in Rocklin that is capable of servicing optical drives. Fortunately, Tech 2U is here for you! We’re the go-to for Blu-Ray, DVD, and CD Drive repairs in Rocklin!

Our technicians have seen optical drives fail in all sorts of way. We’ve serviced drives that refuse to open, or are failing to read or write discs. Customers have brought in external optical drives whose software has been uncooperative, and we’ve resolved the problem. Tech 2U has been dedicated to repairing anything computer-related for over a decade. Our dedication to excellence in customer service and technical expertise has earned us dedicated customers. The Better Business Bureau agrees, rating Tech 2U A+ for our work. There’s no better option for Blu-Ray, DVD, and CD Drive repairs in Rocklin!

Bring your computer into our Rocklin location if you’re having optical drive issues! We offer a free diagnostic for your problem drive, and we’ll let you know about all your options. If the drive for some reason can’t be fixed, we offer replacement optical drives. You can find us next to Rocklin Florist and Subway at 5875 Pacific Street #D2. However, if you prefer to have a technician come to your home or business, we offer a mobile service. Call 916-226-5417 and we will be happy to schedule an appointment! If you’re looking for Blu-Ray, DVD, and CD Drive repairs in Rocklin, let our pros take care of it!

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