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Computer Software Upgrades In RosevilleSoftware upgrades these days are handled via the internet. Windows, in particular, automates as much of these updates as possible, right down to automatically scheduling them during ‘off hours’. When software updates work as intended, your computer continues to work as you expect it to. Of course, there are the horror-stories about these updates failing to work properly. And sometimes despite a software developer’s best efforts, an update introduces, or re-introduces, potentially serious flaws. These stories might make one hesitant to apply any updates, despite how important they truly are. Fortunately, you can rely on Tech 2U to handle computer software upgrades in Rocklin, for home and business machines!

Not keeping your software up to date may seem like a safe way to ensure that the things that “just work” stay working exactly as you expect. It’s a legitimate concern! We’ve all been surprised by opening a newly updated program to see that everything has been shifted around.

However, those software updates do more than move buttons around or add features. Security holes are found constantly be people seeking to exploit them. Software developers, in turn, are constantly trying to find these holes and patch them before they are exploited. The problem is that not everyone applies these patches. Many malware infections spread specifically by exploiting entire networks of computers that have not applied the most recent software updates. This not only makes the data on those machines vulnerable, they potentially may affect even your machine should you connect to the wrong website, or click the wrong link.

If you’re setting up a brand-new computer, or are having trouble with computer software upgrades in Rocklin, contact Tech 2U! You can bring your computers into our local shop at 5875 Pacific Street #D2, across the street from the Dollar Tree. Our pros will ensure all the software updates go through properly, whether it’s a Windows 10 update, or a video codec with a known vulnerability. We even set up anti-malware software, such as Webroot, that will block potential infections that may affect current and future updates.

If a walk-in to the shop isn’t an option, Tech 2U still has you covered! Many software updates can be handled remotely. Call us at 916-226-5417 to schedule a session with a remote technician. They’ll walk you through the process of establishing the remote connection to your machine, and will ensure your software updates go through. You can click here to learn more about our remote support option.

Tech 2U has a third way of handling computer software upgrades in Rocklin: mobile support! If remote access or a walk-in are not possible, you can call 916-226-5417 to set up an appointment with one of our friendly and skilled technicians.

In today’s connected world, you ignore software upgrades at your own peril. If you’re having trouble with your own updates, you don’t have to leave things be. Tech 2U has got you covered! Our commitment to ensuring happy customers and working computers has earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Let our team handle your upgrades today!

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