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Laptop Tuneups In RosevilleAre you noticing your laptop taking longer to start up than ever before? Does it take a long time for any program to launch, even after the start up is complete? Does browsing on the web slow the system to a crawl? These are things that can build up over time as the laptop ages. However, they could be sign of more serious hardware or software issues. If you’re in the Rocklin area, Tech 2U is here to help. We’re the best option for laptop tuneups in Rocklin!

Your laptop could possibly have a serious malware infection causing the slowdown, and Tech 2U has the tools to safely remove it. However, it could be the result of too many unused programs, out of date firmware or programs, or maybe something as simply as fragmented data on the harddrive. But there are also serious hardware faults as a possibility. You could be seeing the symptoms of a failing harddrive, motherboard and processor, or faulty RAM.

Tech 2U’s high experienced technicians are ready to handle any laptop tuneups in Rocklin. We’ve earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau because we are able to go the extra mile for our customers.

Many times, slowdown on a laptop is strictly a software issue. Whether that means malware, an OS refresh, or basic clean-up of unused software, a Tech 2U remote technician can handle it. Call 916-226-5417, and you can schedule a session with one of our remote techs. They’ll walk you through setting up remote access and take control of your computer. Any questions you have about the process will get the answers you need. Click here for more details.

However, if remote access isn’t an option, we can always send a technician to you. Our mobile technicians will bring all the tools they need to get access to your laptop’s software.

Tech 2U’s local repair shop is also fully equipped and staffed to handle any laptop tuneups in Rocklin. You’ll find us at 5875 Pacific Street #D2 in Rocklin, across the street from the Sunset Plaza. No appointments are needed, you can walk in with your laptop any time during our store hours! We’ll start off with a free initial diagnosis to determine the extent of your issues. After it is complete, a technician will call you to explain what they’ve found, and what services they recommend.

A laptop that’s running slow doesn’t have to stay that way. Contact Tech 2U today, and let us speed things back up to where they belong!

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