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Ram Repairs and Upgrades In Rocklin

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Ram Repairs & Upgrades In RosevilleA lack of memory can make your computer run slower under heavy work loads. The less RAM your PC has, the fewer programs you can open before things start to slow down. Another potential bottleneck is a slow RAM. Having slow memory can affect how the whole machine runs, even without many programs open. And if you’re dealing with an aging computer, over time performance will be reduced as errors build up. This affects things like basic word processing, watching films, or running complex work-related programs. While some issues can be resolved by a good clean up of your system, occasionally your RAM is the issue. If you need RAM repairs and upgrades in Rocklin, count on Tech 2U’s pros to handle it!

For over ten years, Tech 2U has been at the forefront of computer repair and technical support in the greater Sacramento area. We’re happy to have a shop in Rocklin, all part of our ongoing commitment to the best customer service around. We’ve been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau; the Tech 2U name is trusted all around California!

If your computer is running slow, there’s many possible causes for it. It could be a software bug, a bad update corrupting data, malware, or even physical hardware faults. And of course, it could be related to your RAM, whether it’s too slow or too little to do the job, or if it’s been damaged in some way. Whatever the issue, Tech 2U is your best option for RAM repairs and upgrades in Rocklin. Bring your computer to our local shop at 5875 Pacific Street #D2, across the street from the Sunset Plaza shopping center. We’ll be happy to run a free diagnostic. If the slow down is RAM related, we’ll find it. We’ll order the RAM you need if replacement is required, and can even order upgraded RAM if you prefer!

If you prefer having a tech sent out to your home or business, call Tech 2U at 916-226-5417. We’ll schedule an appointment with one of our mobile technicians.

If you’re computer’s running slow, and you’re not certain why even after multiple anti-malware scans and removals, it may be an issue with your memory. Let Tech 2U take care of your RAM repairs and replacements in Rocklin!

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