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Motherboard Repairs and Replacements In Rocklin

5875 Pacific Street #D2, Rocklin, CA 95677

Mon-Fri: 9:00am-6pm


Motherboard Repairs & Replacements In RosevilleGetting motherboard repairs and replacements in Rocklin is as simple as calling Tech 2U! We know just how scary and frustrating a faulty motherboard can be. Every other component of your machine is useless if your motherboard fails. In the worst cases, a motherboard can take other parts with it. While you can always remove the harddrive from your PC to transfer data elsewhere, it’s a huge inconvenience. More importantly, you’re still out on a PC!

Tech 2U has been in the business of motherboard repair and replacement for over a decade. We’ve seen just about every possible cause for motherboard failure you can think of, and we’ve fixed those problems for our customers. Whether the solution involves working on the motherboard itself, to a full replacement, Tech 2U has got it covered. We also offer data back-ups and data transfer, just in case you need to move information quickly to a working machine.

Rocklin residents can visit our local shop at 5875 Pacific Street #D2, just across the street from the Sunset Plaza. No appointment required, just bring your machine in! We’ll get to the bottom if your PC issues with full diagnostics of the system. Our technicians will let you know if the motherboard can be repaired, or if it needs to be replaced. We also can order the parts you need, rebuild and test the computer, and even fully restore your operating system and all the data!

If you can’t bring the computer to Tech 2U, we can bring ourselves to you! Call 916-226-5417, and we’ll set up a mobile technician to come to your home or business. They’ll be able to diagnose the computer on the spot, and will fully explain your options.

Tech 2U is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. If you need motherboard repairs and replacements in Rocklin, we’re the number one company to rely on! Call Tech 2U today, and get your PC up and running once again.

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