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Mac Software Troubleshooting In RosevilleTech 2U has been in the tech support business for over a decade, and we’ve watched as the threat of malware has skyrocketed for PC and Mac users. We’re the best option for Mac software troubleshooting in Rocklin. Thanks to the security threats of today, our qualified technicians get a lot of practice.

Any computer connected to the internet, even a Mac, is a target for malware. Every year, anti-malware developers face a threat that changes almost by the day. Malicious users study the improvements in anti-malware, and try to find ways to bypass and defeat it. Newer forms of malware now threaten users with false reports to law enforcement, encrypt data on a hard drive, and literally hold it for ransom. While the Mac faces fewer variants of these threats, they still exist. They can be something as simple adware that slows your machine down, to fake ‘anti-malware’ that hijacks your browser and exposes you to identity theft. Malware developers try to disguise their work, sometimes behind seemingly legitimate advertisements, and at other times as warnings of infections detected on your system.

Of course, not all software problems are malicious! Sometimes, an incorrectly installed update could cause problems for the entire system. A badly timed power outage might corrupt the OS, or make something as simple as updating a word processing program seemingly impossible.

Fortunately, you don’t have to troubleshoot your Mac alone. Rocklin residents can call Tech 2U today at 916-226-5417. We offer remote support to handle any Mac software troubleshooting in Rocklin. Many malware infections can be dealt with by our remote technicians. If your machine can connect to the internet, we can walk you through the process of setting up remote access. We also offer preventative programs after the malware removal, in order to protect your Mac in the future.

If remote access isn’t a good option for you, we also have mobile technical support. By calling 916-226-5417, you can schedule a tech to your home or office. We’ll work around your schedule!

Tech 2U also offers Mac software troubleshooting in Rocklin at our local repair shop. Visit us at 5875 Pacific Street #D2, across the way from the Sunset Plaza shopping center. No appointments are necessary, so feel free to stop by with your Mac to let us handle your issues. We even offer a free initial diagnosis!

Tech 2U prides itself on customer service, and we’re rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. We’re the number one company for Mac software troubleshooting in Rocklin. Your Mac is in good hands with Tech 2U!

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