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Laptop Computer Tuneups In SacramentoAre you looking to have your laptop tuned up in the greater Sacramento area? If your laptop is running slow and you don’t know why, Tech 2U can help!

It might be that over time you’ve installed a lot of software that you don’t actually use. Many times these unused programs automatically start up when your computer does, and bog down its resources. Furthermore, some of this software might be malicious, or brought malicious “piggy back” software with it when it was installed.

There’s also a chance your hard drive needs to be optimized. Over time, file and folder structured become “scattered” and un organized, using more resources than they should. De-fragmenting your computer can properly organize them and store them in an efficient way. Unwanted and un-used files can also be removed completely, by cleaning your hard drive.

Whatever the case may be, Tech 2U will get your computer running as fast as the day you bought it. Give us a call at 916-225-8324. You can also visit our store at 1590 Howe Ave, Sacramento, CA 95825, or one of our near by locations in Roseville & Gold River.

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