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Virus Removals In SacramentoAre you located in Sacramento and think your computer may have a virus? If so, Tech 2U can rid your machine of pesky malware, and prevent future infections. You can reach us at 916-225-8324, and one of our courteous and knowledgeable technicians will walk you through the next steps. Alternatively, you can visit our headquarters in Sacramento, located at 1590 Howe Ave. We also have locations in Roseville and Gold River / Rancho Cordova.

There are many indicators that you have a virus. One such indicator would be if your computer turned itself off without any prompts or warnings. Another would be if your computer displays a message saying some of your files are missing, or you are unable to find files that should be right where you left them.

A third sign that your computer has a virus would be if your computer takes way longer than usual to start up, and if it’s generally running slower than it normally does. If your computer is freezing on you more than once a week could also mean it has a virus. If you see new error messages that are not related to anything that should be on your computer, you might have a virus. One last sign that your computer may be infected is if all of a sudden your hardware stops functioning properly.

All of these symptoms can be frustrating. Thankfully, you can let Tech 2U to handle it, and save yourself the headaches.

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