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Laptop DC Jack Repairs In SacramentoAs careful as we are with our laptops, there’s bound to be a time or two where we drop them. This can cause the power jack to lose functionality, among other problems. Or maybe our kids or pets mess with the jacks, and damage them. Obviously this can be very frustrating, rendering our laptops un-chargeable, and therefore useless.

Because of this, we get a lot of calls about faulty laptop power jacks here at Tech 2U in Sacramento. If you have a faulty DC Jack, rest assured, you’ve come to the right place. We’re the go to company for Laptop DC jack repairs in Sacramento in Sacramento.

This can be due to the jack itself, or it may just be the charger chord.  If you have access to another charger chord, you can try that and see if that’s what the issue is. There’s also a chance it’s something more complicated, that would require more specialized work. Whatever the case may be you can bring it in to one of our Sacramento area shops and we can diagnose it for you for free. Our headquarters is located at 1590 Howe Ave. We also have locations in Gold River / Rancho Cordova and Roseville.

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