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Ram Repairs & Upgrades In Sacramento

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Ram Repairs & Upgrades In SacramentoIf you notice your desktop or laptop computer running slow as you open programs, it might be time to upgrade its RAM. Obviously, there are plenty of places to buy new RAM in Sacramento. But if you’re not sure what RAM is compatible with your motherboard, and how much is recommended for your specific computer needs, Tech 2U can help. We’re the go to company for ram repairs & upgrades in Sacramento.

A more serious problem would be if your RAM is becoming faulty, which might even prevent your computer from booting properly. This can be terrifying! But Tech 2U can help with this as well, and don’t worry, we’ll make sure you won’t lose any data.

So if you’re having either of these RAM related issues, give our Sacramento headquarters a call at 916-225-8324. If you’d rather stop by, you can find us at 1590 Howe Ave. We also have locations in Gold River / Rancho Cordova and Roseville.

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